You know what they say, the devil is in the detail. It’s well-known that the details are often what make or break the styling of any vehicle. Vinyl detailing is a great cost-effective way of transforming the look of your car. Popular modifications include; de-chroming or blackout packages for a stealthier look and pin-striping or custom viper stripes down the sides or over the top of your car. Our printed carbon fibre continues to proof a hit on a range of cars, from super cars to 4×4’s. Interiors are also often easily refreshed with a vinyl make over, covering any smooth to touch areas.

Popular vehicle areas for detailing include roofs, wing mirrors and chrome trims, but you are not limited to this. We can apply whichever vinyl you choose (standard, brushed metal, carbon fibre, or custom) to exactly where you would like it.
One of the most popular packages we offer here is a vehicle de-chrome. This is a great way of completely transforming the look for your car at a great price. The process of wrapping the dated chrome trims creates a modern look. A must when styling any vehicle!

If you want a de-chrome car, S6 Customs have all the resources at our disposal to do a superb job. From panels to a full chrome trim wrapping, you will be amazed at how much de-chroming work can make a difference to the look and originality of your vehicle.

Prestigious, stealth, moody – whichever appearance you are looking for, we have the right skills and tools to make it happen, so trust the S6 Wraps team with your car de-chrome
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Vehicle interiors also provide an opportunity for improved styling with most vehicle interiors providing smooth surfaces suited to the vinyl application. Unfortunately, some textured finishes prevent sufficient adhesion and therefore cannot be wrapped.

We spend most of our time driving our cars rather than looking at them from the outside, so customising the interior trim with wrap films is something that has to be considered if you want that unique feel to your car.

The films used are the same high quality materials used on the exterior of cars, so the finish will be excellent, with unlimited colour and material options available for an interior car wrap. The films will also protect the surfaces below, helping keep the original parts in impeccable condition for when you decide to sell the car on.
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Whether it is gloss or matte/satin, twill weaved or forged, our bespoke range of printed carbon fibre products stand up on some of the most exclusive vehicles on the market, creating an improved style and increased level of detail.

Over the years carbon fibre wraps have come and gone, some with a great finish but zero conformability and others that simply look nothing like the real deal. We wanted to create a vehicle wrap film we could trust, that offered a realistic look when put next to genuine carbon fibre and that we could instal with the confidence it would stand the test of time.

Our carbon is printed at a width of 13 metres in maximum lengths of 5 metres, we can provide full 50 metre rolls or half rolls at 25 metres as well as it being available to purchase by the metre.
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Custom stripes can improve the look of any vehicle, from iconic mini stripe kits to completely one-of-a-kind designs. One example is this painted stripe design, we cover all basis.

Styling a car using vinyl films is a practice that goes way back. From classic trims that give detail and depth to a car's silhouette, to GT stripes that add a sense of speed and excitement to a racing car, vinyl films are often as iconic as the cars themselves. Nowadays, major car manufacturers often offer individual styling configurations and designs using vinyl films as optional extras, in the same way they may offer leather interiors or a choice of alloys. But why should you have to accept the manufacturers' designs? Style your car your way, with stripes, sticker bombs, tribal designs or anything at all, with vinyl film car styling.