Vehicle light tinting is a simple change that can completely transform the appearance of your vehicle. It is crucial, when you are considering car light tinting, that you choose an expert company that can perform the service while adhering to MOT regulations. Here at S6 Customs our specialist team are trained to a high standard to provide the highest quality light tinting in Essex. Vehicle lights are amongst the most vulnerable parts on any car, they are also the most expensive to repair or replace, why not give yourself added piece of mind with our tinted or clear paint protection film suitable for use on vehicle lights.
Headlight tinting is a way to dim or change the colour of headlights on your vehicle. Although this may seem simple, it is crucial you go to a company that has all the appropriate knowledge and legislation, to avoid disappointment and legal implications.

We are vastly experienced installing a range of tint films across all vehicle types. We have standard tinting films great for those looking to add style to their vehicle on a budget as well as tinted paint protection films that not only offer multiple shades of clear darkening shades but also give you peace of mind with added stone chip protection, after all your headlights can be one of the most expensive components to replace.
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Taillight tints are a quick and cost effective way of dramatically improving the style of any vehicle. Taillights must be visible from a reasonable distance and brake lights must emit at least 50% of the original lamp, the brake lights must also be visible from the rear light cluster.

We have an array of shades available giving you the choice to get the exact look you are aiming for as well as coloured tint films for those looking for something a little different. Taillight tints can be installed in as little as an hour and will totally change the look of you car.

Add protection and style to your headlight or taillights with our tinted paint protection film. This film offers improved styling while also retaining you lights output a great product for those who what uncompromising quality.
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S6 Customs also offer printed headlight tints. Our Printed headlight tints are perfect for show cars and will be the perfect finishing touch to your modified car. We print directly onto headlight film with our CMYK latex printer and the use a paint protection film to protect the print and the tinting film.

Our design department are able to replicate any design you want on to your headlights. We can create bespoke designs that will make your headlights stand out from any other. Be unique and a step ahead for you mates with these truly amazing headlight tints.

Add protection and style to your headlights with this 75 micron printed film. This film offers improved styling while also retaining you lights output a great product for those who what uncompromising quality with a bespoke finish.
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