Our professional staff offer a huge range of expertise, with some coming from the signage industry, some specialising automotive customisation and others with vehicle detailing and enhancement backgrounds. We are well equipped and cover all basis. Whatever your needs, we can create the perfect wrap for you.

There are a huge amount of options when it comes to vinyl applications, from traditional vehicle sign-writing, or cut graphics to full digitally printed wraps. Our team will guide you through the whole process from design to installation. Vehicle de-chromes or partial wraps are a very a common modification; for example, a roof in gloss black or wing mirrors in our bespoke printed carbon fibre.

Our complete colour change service offers our customers with the very best vinyl make-over on the market, this service requires fully dismantling your vehicle to allow us to achieve a truly seamless finish with optimum coverage. This includes wrapping inside the door-shut area and the backs of the doors. Exterior colour change wraps are also a great option for black cars in-particular at a reduced cost – just to speak of a few of the options we provide. Check out the many types of wrap we offer to see which best suits your requirements:
There are many reasons someone may want to change the colour of their car or vehicle. Perhaps you have a favourite colour, and you have secured a great deal on a vehicle in the knowledge you are going to wrap it after purchase or you simply fancy a change. Vinyl wrapping offers a quick and cost-effective way of creating a completely new and individual look for your vehicle. As well as this, it gives your paintwork an added layer of protection from general road wear and chi, which is a huge advantage when purchasing or leasing any new vehicle, maximising your cars value further down the line.

Unlike an expensive paint job a colour change vinyl wrap typically takes four to five working days and can be reversed should you wish to do so when selling the or handing back the vehicle at the end of your lease terms. Vehicle wrap film technology is ever-evolving with a vast array of options available across a range of high gloss, satin, metallic, chrome & matte finishes, meaning there truly is something for everyone.
Recognised globally for our graphic design talent we are specialise in vehicle wrap design. Over the years we have been privileged to work on some truly bespoke and challenging projects for individuals, events and businesses.

From our studio in Essex, we house some of the most experienced wrap designers in the UK. We are responsible for many of the well renowned international fleet liveries that have had a refresh in the last 10 year .

Unlike traditional graphics design, vehicle wrap design requires a completely different set of skills and understanding. This is why our workshop and studio environment has created to allow our design team and installation teams to work so closely together ensuring the best level of finish when it comes to complex printed wraps.
We are often asked what advantage there are with vehicle wrapping, a great advantage is the ability to quickly transform an area of a vehicle with out the long process of painting and your vehicle being off the road for days on end.

Popular modifications include, roof wraps, spoilers, wing mirrors and sills, whether its a digitally print, colour change film or our printed carbon fibre partial wraps are a great way of styling any vehicle.

Partial wraps are not limited by panels, they can be completely bespoke, like the Ford RS shown with complete contrasting half wrap Martini curves, you can create something completely unique just using a coloured film and your imagination.
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Our in-house graphic design team have worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals to help you create tailored vehicle branding solutions to suit all budgets.

Car wraps are high-impact, valuable business advertisements and get you noticed. If you have an exact design in mind, the design team will ensure it is transferred on to your vehicle in an accurate and effective manner. Brand awareness never looked so good!
You know what they say, the devil is in the detail. It’s well-known that the details are often what make or break the styling of any vehicle.

Vinyl detailing is a great cost-effective way of transforming the look of your car. Popular modifications include; de-chroming or blackout packages for a stealthier look and pin-striping or custom viper stripes down the sides or over the top of your car.

Popular vehicle areas for detailing include roofs, wing mirrors and chrome trims, but you are not limited to this. We can apply whichever vinyl you choose (standard, brushed metal, carbon fibre, or custom) to exactly where you would like it.