Pickup truck wraps keep your trucks’ bodywork protected from stone chips, grit and other damage caused by frequent driving. This is an excellent feature for brand new pickup's as it keeps them looking like new on wrapped areas, which puts them at an advantage to other pickup's when it comes to selling them or returning them to the leasing company.

Our expert technicians can easily remove vinyl that’s been fitted when the time comes to upgrade the vehicle, unlike a costly workshop re-spray. Our premium quality vinyl wraps can also be removed at any point in their lifetime if you would like to change to another design. Vehicle wrapping offers the flexibility you don’t get with traditional signwriting.
When it comes to branding, image is everything and that’s why here at S6 Customs, we have invested in the specialist design expertise and wide format digital print technology to ensure we can offer the highest quality services for your vehicles. A digitally printed wrap offers the most cost-effective form of advertising for any business. Literally thousands of people see your vehicles every day, there really is no better way of making an impact and gaining maximum exposure for your brand.

The type of wrap is completely bespoke to you or our needs this means whatever look you go for, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Our in-house design team are on hand to take the ideas from your head and bring them to life, if you’re struggling with ideas – lean on us, it’s what we do!
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An Exterior Colour Change wrap is best suited for dark coloured or black vehicles. The reason for this is the reduced cover when compared to a full-colour change wrap.

As suggested by the name, an exterior wrap only covers the panels of the car meaning that the original paintwork will still be visible when you open the doors of the car.

This option can also be well suited to cars that will be wrapped in a similar colour, for example, a white car with an exterior wrap in satin pearl white or grey car being wrapped matte dark grey.
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We are often asked what advantage there are with vehicle wrapping, a great advantage is the ability to quickly transform an area of a vehicle with out the long process of painting and your vehicle being off the road for days on end. Popular modifications include, roof wraps, spoilers, wing mirrors and sills, whether its a digitally print, colour change film or our printed carbon fibre partial wraps are a great way of styling any vehicle.

Partial wraps are not limited by panels, they can be completely bespoke, like the Ford RS shown with complete contrasting half wrap Martini curves, you can create something completely unique just using a coloured film and your imagination.
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