Whether you would like a personal car wrap or a commercial car wrap, S6 Customs are here to guide you through every step of the way. We are experts in our field, and our fully qualified, experienced technicians are here to apply your ideal vinyl wrap or vehicle graphic.

We offer a full range of premium vehicle wrap films from globally trusted vinyl manufacturers such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal, Hexis and many more. With a vast array of colours and finishes, including textures and chrome films there truly is something for everyone. We also offer a catalogue of our own printed carbon fibre products and install the clear protection that is paint protection film.

Bespoke designs are somewhat of a speciality for us here. We cater for individuals and businesses alike and our customers are able to create an entirely unique, eye-catching wrap design giving their personal or company car a completely new look. Designs can be created with a full wrap, part wrap or using vehicle graphics.
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There are many reasons someone may want to change the colour of their car or vehicle. Perhaps you have a favourite colour, and you have secured a great deal on a vehicle in the knowledge you are going to wrap it after purchase or you simply fancy a change. Vinyl wrapping offers a quick and cost-effective way of creating a completely new and individual look for your vehicle. As well as this, it gives your paintwork an added layer of protection from general road wear and chi, which is a huge advantage when purchasing or leasing any new vehicle, maximising your cars value further down the line.

Unlike an expensive paint job a colour change vinyl wrap typically takes four to five working days and can be reversed should you wish to do so when selling the or handing back the vehicle at the end of your lease terms. Vehicle wrap film technology is ever-evolving with a vast array of options available across a range of high gloss, satin, metallic, chrome & matte finishes, meaning there truly is something for everyone.
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Yes, we can wrap the door shuts and returns but be advised that this adds significantly to the cost and time taken to do the wrap due to the labour involved, particularly on 4 door cars

If you’re spending a chunk of your hard-earned cash on a full vinyl wrap, the minor details are just as important as the major ones. If it’s a full wrap, then we’ll give your vehicle’s door shuts as much care and attention as the rest of the car.

Although not visible unless the door is open, the shuts are the icing on the cake when a passenger gets in or out of your car. If not done well, or not done at all, it can create a half-baked impression if the door shuts don’t look as impressive as the rest of the car.

Before we begin wrapping a car, our trained mechanic will partially dismantle the vehicle so that we can gain access to every nook that needs to be wrapped. In order for us to wrap the door shuts, the mechanic will also remove all the doors so we can meticulously wrap every square centimetre to perfection. Don’t worry; once the wrap is complete, your car will be perfectly reassembled and will look amazing.
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We are often asked what advantage there are with vehicle wrapping, a great advantage is the ability to quickly transform an area of a vehicle with out the long process of painting and your vehicle being off the road for days on end. Popular modifications include, roof wraps, spoilers, wing mirrors and sills, whether its a digitally print, colour change film or our printed carbon fibre partial wraps are a great way of styling any vehicle.

Partial wraps are not limited by panels, they can be completely bespoke, like the Ford RS shown with complete contrasting half wrap Martini curves, you can create something completely unique just using a coloured film and your imagination.
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Our in-house graphic design team have worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals to help you create tailored vehicle branding solutions to suit all budgets.

Car wraps are high-impact, valuable business advertisements and get you noticed. If you have an exact design in mind, the design team will ensure it is transferred on to your vehicle in an accurate and effective manner. Brand awareness never looked so good!
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You know what they say, the devil is in the detail. It’s well-known that the details are often what make or break the styling of any vehicle. Vinyl detailing is a great cost-effective way of transforming the look of your car. Popular modifications include; de-chroming or blackout packages for a stealthier look and pin-striping or custom viper stripes down the sides or over the top of your car. Our printed carbon fibre continues to proof a hit on a range of cars, from super cars to 4×4’s. Interiors are also often easily refreshed with a vinyl make over, covering any smooth to touch areas.

Popular vehicle areas for detailing include roofs, wing mirrors and chrome trims, but you are not limited to this. We can apply whichever vinyl you choose (standard, brushed metal, carbon fibre, or custom) to exactly where you would like it.
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