We are often asked what advantage there are with vehicle wrapping, a great advantage is the ability to quickly transform an area of a vehicle with out the long process of painting and your vehicle being off the road for days on end. Popular modifications include, roof wraps, spoilers, wing mirrors and sills. Whether its a digitally print, colour change film or our printed carbon fibre partial wraps are a great way of styling any vehicle.

Partial wraps are not limited by panels, they can be completely bespoke, like the Audi shown above with complete contrasting half wrap and stripe, you can create something completely unique just using a coloured film and your imagination.
As an advertisement or commercial branding project you cannot beat an impactful digitally printed part wrap to raise awareness for your brand while keeping costs low.

This option is also great for classic liveries like a Redbull Racing, Martini, Gulf and Rothmans liveries. Ultimately the only limitation when it comes to partial wraps, graphics and details is your imagination. If the surface you want to wrap is of a good quality gloss or smooth finish then we can apply a bespoke design or colour change film to create any look you desire!

Make your partial wrap stand out even more with the use of gloss, matt or stain laminate or vinyls, or why not use a combination to really make your vehicle eye-catching.

A partial vehicle wrap is ideal for cars, vans, motorbikes and even boats, its cost effective and will get you noticed.
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Commercial and personal vehicle can be transformed with a partial colour change wrap or partial digital wrap along with vinyl detailing. Whether you want an individual look for your car or business this option always creates a unique, stylish look.

Partial vehicle wraps incorporate the color of the vehicle into the actual design. One quarter to three quarters of the vehicle is wrapped with standard decals strategically placed to round out the design and accomplish the look you desire. Partial vehicle wraps are a great option if you have strict budget parameters or you really like the colour of your vehicle(s).

A blend of modern digital graphics with a touch off old school cut vinyl is a cool way to make your vehicle stand out and get heads turning. A cool and cost effective way of enhancing your vehicle.

Partial wraps also cover roofs, bonnets, boots, wing mirrors, spoilers, splitters, grills and defusers.