Protect your calipers from rust and corrosion. Make them look brand and give them a brand new look! Get your brake calipers - brake drums professionally painted to obtain that ultimate sports or luxury finish to your car. We have worked on a number of cars, from PRESTIGE CARS to SUPERCARS and we use only top quality heat paint on all vehicles. Our work is done to a very high standard and dealership standard. We work on the same day turn around, so all you have to do is choose your preferred colour, book your car in and we’ll do the rest.
Customizing your brake calipers with a new paint job will make your wheels pop. Just like on high end sports cars, you can add a colorful paint job to your brake calipers to set your car apart. No one wants to see rusty calipers behind a set of shiny rims.

With our caliper painting service, the brake calipers are not removed from the car to get calipers painted, as this would require disconnecting and disturbing brake hoses and bleeding of the system, which would add considerable additional time and expense to the process. Also removing and refitting the painted brake calipers may affect the vehicle warranty, and could cause damaged to the fresh caliper paint.

We also offer logo's on your newly painted calipers, Brembo, Ap Racing, Wilwood, BMW, RS, AMG, the choice is yours. Contact us today for a FREE quote.
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It's all about the details and freshening up those faded or rusty brake calipers with our brake caliper painting service greatly improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. We use only high quality, high temperature paints available in a wide variety of colours to suit your car and preference. ​

Our standard brake caliper painting package includes removal of rust, grease and debris from the brake calipers followed by painting in the colour of our choice. At the same time the 'hubs' or centre part of the brake disc can be painted. Depending on your vehicle and brake type, there is the option to add car manufacturer branded logos for that high-end factory finish.

We are able to complete the brake caliper painting within a day, the vehicle will then stay in our secure unit to dry through the night ready for collection the following morning.